As a child, Denise had always enjoyed the simple things, like watching her grandmother sew clothing, going shopping with her mom every weekend and playing “dress up” with her dolls and sisters. As an adult her passion for fashion only intensified, but because of her unique curvy figure, she found it difficult to find comfortable clothing that fit and were still attractive.

Soon, she’d had enough of going into clothing stores only to find out that the darling set she’d been eyeing for a while was not available in her size. In 2017, she put her creative vision to work and launched Dbl Dgtz Boutique in her hometown of North Carolina, USA. Petite sized ladies need not worry since the boutique caters to petite figures as well. From work to brunch, they’ve got an outfit for it! The boutique caters to the woman that loves looking her best for any occasion. Your guess is as good as ours was when trying to figure out how she came up with the unique name for her boutique, but think about DD and it’s easy to figure out!

BWM perused her online boutique on instagram and facebook and immediately fell in love with her classy, fashion forward ensembles that pretty much appeared to have been put together by a stylist. We soon learned that she is just that! Denise provides one on one consultations for women who are looking for exclusive fashion for specific occasions. Once a client has a look in mind, she provides advice and guidance on the best ways to pull that look together. Material, color and unique style are all taken into consideration during her consultations and you can trust that she will have you walking away feeling like a fashion goddess.

“We strive to make sure every woman feels beautiful and comfortable after leaving our store. When shopping at DblDgtz Boutique, just remember to be unapologetically YOU, no matter the size”

Starting a boutique may seem like an easy task, but according to this stylist, there were many hurdles that that her business had to overcome. “I feel the hardest obstacle thus far is getting women to believe and trust in your brand, after they have ran into so many dead ends- from poor quality to scammers. We as women are already picky about our clothing so to be an ONLINE women’s clothing store is even harder at times.”

With faith and dedication, Denise anticipates that Dbl Dgtz boutique will become a worldwide brand. She presently provides online everyday shipping Monday through Friday, and caters to her local customers on weekends.

Fashion forward stylist and owner of Dbl Dgtz boutique

Her advice to black business owners was too profound to paraphrase. BWM is in full agreement with her insightful words of wisdom: “To all other black owned businesses who may be starting like me or been in business for years, everyday is not going to be successful but don’t give up because people are watching. The likes, shares, are appreciated but not needed to become successful. Knowing your target audience, and standing behind your brand is everything. Make your doubters become your customers. Researching your market is very important. There will always be trial and error that’s how we learn and grow better. Just never give up, but once it’s a passion and dream, you never will.”

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